2. This is one of the favorite things I’ve worked on. Combining my love of Star Trek and my love of music.

    Todd Robinson is the man. He wrote it in English AND Klingon.


  3. Review in!

    Equal Ground did a great review of my new album Sirens.




  5. Bitter Bluebird

    Just remastered Bitter Bluebird, it’ll be up on itunes soon, along with the last 4 LPs.


  6. Tour Update

    Hey everyone, the tour is going great. An email update is coming soon to all you mailing list people. Thank you all.


  7. My new album Sirens is out now.

    check it out at christopherbell.bandcamp.com


  8. TV Pilot

    Joel Murray and I have been working on the theme song for a TV Pilot. more info soon. 


  9. Recording Update

    Recording is going great. we are in the thick of it. Band members flowing in and out of the house. Tracked piano last night and we are doing bass on tuesday. Mixing starts this weekend. Its coming folks. 


  10. New Poster



  12. Me covering AC/DC’s You Shook Me All Night Long. 


  13. editing video.

    many hours slaving over a hot computer. new cover videos soon. 


  14. Hey Everyone,

    the day is here, new album is out Today! I’m so excited. Its rocking, ripping, and packed full of cello.  check it out at the link above. 


  15. New album out tomorrow. here’s what the artwork looks like.